Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup gives a face a healthy, flawless natural finish. This type of makeup is sprayed out of a air brush compressor and covers skin in a fine mist.

Today, airbrush makeup is on the rise in popularity due partially to the increase in technology such as digital pictures and digital television and its long-lasting durability. In the past, film and television makeup was exaggerated so that the actors did not appear to be washed out. Some makeup had to be applied darker than normal to be seen in the bright lights while other times colors choices were limited due to the color of light. Cameras, lighting, and viewing quality were not as clear and exact. The viewers could not see lines in the makeup; therefore, the lines were not quite defined. Makeup covering facial imperfections such as blemishes and scars was less visible. Many touch-ups were needed. In other cases, film speed greatly affected the makeup, making everything visible. The makeup artist needed to be concerned with film sensitivity before applying makeup. Today, digital pictures and digital television have enhanced faces so that every line, blemish, and blend can be seen clearly. Close-up shots are common. As a result, today's film and television makeup have adjusted to the need for perfection and precision by relying on airbrush makeup.

  • What is Airbrush Makeup?
  • Airbrush makeup is makeup that is sprayed on to the face and body using a fine mist. Most airbrush makeup kits include a sprayer, a hose, a small compressor, and samples of foundations in several tones. The liquid foundation or colored makeup flows easily through the airbrush due to its fine particle size. The airbrushing technique provides a flawless, sheer result that is desired for the film and television industry. It is perfect for close-up shots. Makeup artists like the natural-looking effect airbrush makeup gives. Airbrush makeup also prevents product contamination between clients. Since the makeup is in put into a metal airbrush that attached to the compressor, artists can apply makeup to several people without contact between clients. Models like the fact that airbrush makeup lessens the pulling and tugging on the skin.

  • Makeup
  • Airbrush makeup is specially formulated using fine pigments so as to not clog the machine and equipment. It is the fine pigment size that gives a sheer, flawless finish. Because of the flawless finish, translucent powder is used to set the make-up. With more color options we can find the perfect shade for any type of skin.

  • Bridal Makeup And Regular Makeup
  • The more technologically advance the world becomes, the more emphasis is put upon fresh, clean makeup that conceals visible signs of aging and turns back time. Words like fresh, beneficial, pure, natural, anti-aging have become part of today's makeup vocabulary. Variety opened the door for the remaining twentieth century into the twenty-first. And so we have come full circle. Today, mineral, earthy formulas that are environmentally safe have dominated the face makeup industry. And there's room for all